Ugandan Olympic Boxers To Receive Funding This Week


Uganda qualified only two boxers for upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil this August. Boxers Ronald Sserugo and Kennedy Katende are based in Sweden; however, they recently threatened to withdraw from Uganda’s Olympics team because they had not received money to facilitate their preparations for the competition.



According to Uganda Boxing Federation publicity secretary Fred Kavuma, local amateur boxing federation President Kenneth Gimugu is to blame because his grip on power in the federation is barring federation activities.



“It is the president to blame; maybe they would have got that money already,” said Kavuma.



Finally Kavuma said that Uganda Olympics committee has released three million to each of the two boxers to help them prepare for the Olympics games.



“There has been delay but at least they will receive that money before the end of this week. No need for that money to come to Uganda Boxing Federation, that money will go direct to those boxers in Sweden for their proper preparations,” said Kavuma.




It is now eight years since Uganda last had boxers in the olympics; a lamentable situation because Uganda was once a boxing powerhouse, internationally. The only disciplines to send representatives to the Rio Games are boxing and athletics.