Frank Gashumba On Number Of His Children And Why He Fronts Sheilah In Media

Frank Gashumba was in the spotlight last year for allegedly neglecting his other daughter, Catherine Gashumba.


Catherine accused his dad of refused to pay her University tuition, saying he had instead kept her home doing house chores since 2010.


Frank with his daughter Sheilah.

Her coming out shocked many. For long, the public knew Sheilah Gashumba as his only child.It is Sheilah that he appears with in public and the only child he talks about on public forums, where he is a regular figure.
He was, however, put to task Saturday to declare the number of his children.

“Our culture does not allow men to publicly declare the number of their children,” he responded at Dembe Fm’s Talk and Talk show, where he was a guest.


But he admitted having other children apart from Sheilah. This prompted the show’s moderator to ask him why he wasn’t appearing with them in the public sphere as is the case with Sheilah.


“If you spend all your time insulting Sheilah, who you know, why should I bring others to you? So you can insult them too?” he asked.

He vowed never to put them in the public domain over what he said was for their security.



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Meanwhile, after Catherine’s allegations of being denied tuition, the public contributed towards her education and tuition for a full course was raised.


She ran away from her father’s home and is now back at school.