Frank Gashumba & His Sister Accused Of Fraud

Frank Gashumba is popularly known for being vocal against government especially when it comes to corruption and abuse of office.

Frank Gashumba

The irony though is that he is never out of fraud related cases. The latest case brought against him is that by a group of six youths that allege to have paid him close to Shs20 million in return for jobs in Abu Dhabi.


Moses Mukasa, Yakub Ssenveewo, Dorah Mwenyango, Arisen Twiringiyimana, Frank Businge and  Remmy Nassaka allege to have paid Gashumba Shs2.7 million each through his company, Sarafina Skills Services. It all began in 2013 when the Moses and his colleagues, who had just finished school heard Gashumba on radio mention services provided by hi company. One of such services was getting people jobs in Abu Dhabi.


The following day they headedt to the company’s office located at Energy Center  Plaza to find out the requirements that were expected from them. They never found Gashumba unfortunately, but found his sister, Veronica Kemirembe and her secretary, Grace Tuhaire.


Veronica asked for Shs2.7 million from each of them. The monies were raised and paid in April last year. They were promised to fly to Dubai in May but this didn’t happen. Veronica instead called them and promised them to be patient until June, informing them that they had got a delay with their contractor in Dubai.


In June, too, there was no single sign of them being anywhere near the plane let alone smelling it’s fuel and it’s at this moment that they sensed that the whole deal could be a sham. They asked to be refunded their monies but this hasn’t been fulfilled up to date.


On the other hand, Gashumba admits he is the owner of the company but it’s being run by Veronica. He says he has no knowledge about the youth’s monies since it isn’t him in charge at the moment.


This is not the first time Gashumba is being accused of obtaining money from people promising them jobs abroad only to stop picking calls once paid.


A one Mary Dubisa, a city trader took him to court last year over receiving money from her promising to get jobs for her children in Dubai but failed to deliver.


According to court documents, Gashumba received Shs14 million from Dubisa promising to get her children jobs abroad but he disappeared shortly after being paid and never picked her calls.