Why Uganda Boxing Federation Dumped Katende As National Team Coach


Uganda boxing federation announced that Samuel Rukundo will be the national boxing team coach during the on coming Olympics games to be held in Brazil.


Rukundo is among the only two boxing coaches in Uganda that can be allowed to second boxers on the ringside, internationally. Another coach who is at the same qualification is Dick Katende who has been with national team for a while however he was dumped after he messed up by taking over-weight boxer Fazil Juma Kaggwa to world boxing championships held in Qatar and as a result organisers immediately disqualified Kaggwa without stepping into the ring.


For a while Uganda boxing federation has been pinning the two (Kaggwa and Katende) to explain the circumstances in which the boxer was disqualified but they have been pleading innocence not until recent the two wrote to Uganda boxing federation apologizing for the act.


The federation is yet to seat and decide on the matter but already asked coach Katende and Fazil to pay $400 and $700 respectively to the federation before they can say anything else.


But the two are yet to submit that money to the federation and as a matter of discipline the federation had to look for another option of getting another coach to handle the national team during the Olympics games in Brazil in August this year.


New head coach has been appointed on grounds that he has always been based in Sweden and the two Uganda boxers who qualified for the Olympics are based in Sweden so bonding is possible between the coach and the boxers.


Kenneth Gimugu the Uganda boxing federation president said that he is confident Rukundo doesn’t have only qualifications but also he has what it takes to be a good coach.


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“We have hope in him and his task is to bring medals for that and from there we shall see what the next step will be as a national team coach,” said Gimugu.