NBS TV Brings The Best Out Of Solomon Serwanja

Solomon Serwamja

In the last few months, NBS TV has been flying high giving Ugandans real time political campaign and election updates from across the country.


The television station camped in different parts of the country to ensure that its viewers are informed appropriately. It executed this mission with precision by deploying experienced journalists to do the job.


Among the deployed journalists is Solomon Serwanja. If you have been following political events in this country as they unfold, you probably have seen Serwanja reporting live from the field, conducting interviews or anchoring Live@9 news on NBS TV.

NBS TV kept the country informed

He is one of the emerging television journalists in Uganda to reckon about. His rise to stardom has been meticulous, taking a steady rise from the days when he worked for Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.


He however come to full potential when he joined high flying NBS TV in Kamwokya. At NBS, his talents have been put to full use and he has not disappointed. He has been an asset during the presidential campaign trails.

Solomon Serwanja

NBS has prepared him like he has never before enabling him to handle some of the important events in the country. From the presidential debates to news anchoring Live@9, the one on one interviews to the inept analysis of the elections.  Solomon Serwanja has emerged as one of Uganda’s best TV on air personalities.




In a bid to position itself as a major player in Ugandan television business, NBS recruited some of the best television journalists and personalities.


Most notable of the personalities recruited included political reporter Solomon Serwanja, news anchor Rukh-Shana Namuyimba, Mildred Tuhaise, Dean Lubowa Saava and sports trio of Mark Sali, Alan Sekamate and Joseph Kabuleta.