Victoria University Making Students Learning Easier With Laptop Offers

Education is a critical component of man’s life. Over the years it has evolved. Right from what is delivered to the classrooms and how it is delivered.


What is important to note is that the tools used to educate learners are fast shifting from the tradition classrooms with books, pencils and pens as technology continues to transform man.

Dr Stephen Robert Isabalija the vice chancellor of Victoria University posing with students who received the laptops

Technology has transformed education. It has made access to education much easier as everything can be found on the web. Blackboards are being phased out among other transformations.


However this change is not rapidly sweeping the African continent as it has done in the developed western countries.


A report by eLearning Africa recently launched revealed that there is a widespread reluctance among African teachers, trainers and managers to abandon traditional methods of teaching in favour of new ICT based solutions.


The report’s authors Harold Elletson and Annika Burgess say  1500 African education and ICT professionals interviewed for the report observed that despite the importance of ICT in education, there is insufficient awareness in many schools, colleges, institutions and government departments of the benefits it brings



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How all hope is not lost with the emergence of institutions like Victoria University which consider ICTs as the pillar of modern education.


The Kampala based university is motivated to not only offer top notch quality education to the world but to offer students self employment education and create learned scholars empowered to provide cutting edge solutions.


“We champion fundamental exposition that education promotes active participation in society transformation. We work alongside different stakeholders in the market place to shape tomorrow’s world through students that are nurtured to be critical thinkers,” Dr Stephen Robert Isabalija, the vice chancellor of Victoria University.


He was speaking at a function where the university gave out to 41 laptops to new students to enable them flawlessly delve into their studies from wherever they are capable to do their school work with comfort.


The vice chancellor said that the gesture to give students free laptops and free WIFI internet connection is an aim to empower students and also to offer them experiential learning.

Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija Victoria University Vice Chancellor speaking to press

He said Victoria University is a research driven university and that laptops and internet are essential in accessing information which has been put online. He added that providing students with laptops is a way of promoting technology literacy.


“Our lecturers’ aims at increasing technology literacy, increasing engagement of students, lower rates of absenteeism, improved student achievements and decreased disciplinary problems,” Isabalija said.


He added: “Laptops are critical to getting students prepared for the modern workforce and helps them better tailor studies to the ability level of individual students,”