Vera Sidika In Danger After Bleaching Goes Wrong

Socialite Vera Sidika, Kenya’s replica of Bad Black is back in the news! And it isn’t about her lavish life or a quarrel with Hudah Monroe, another socialite, who she doesn’t see eye to eye.

Vera Sidika


She is back for bleaching, though not for ‘better looks’ like it has always been.


She is in great trouble after her pursue for ‘better looks’ has super-backfired.


As it turns out, her Kenyan Shs 50 Million skin lightening procedure has had dire effects on her skin. She looks super pale and is a far cry from the chocolate beauty we fell in love with in ‘You Guy’.


The bleached socialite shot to international fame this year when she stormed the BBC offices just to talk about how proud she was about bleaching her skin.



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Perhaps this is the reason why Kenyans are not feeling sorry for her. They have already deriving pleasure from her bad luck and her eerie new look.


These are some of the funny pictures about her new look that have taken over internet.