Top Tips To Guide You When Buying Land In Uganda

The process of buying land in Uganda over the years has been tarnished due to land wrangles, unlicensed sellers, fake land deeds and other issues.

Buying genuine land in Uganda can be complicated

All these issues have caused people buying land to feel wary and avoid it due to long processes and high chances of losing money. However, if all the right channels are followed and people are vigilant when buying land, the whole process can be smooth and successful.

Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi in Uganda said: “With the continued shady transactions surrounding acquisition of land in Uganda, people have become very skeptical when purchasing land which is affecting the industry and the people selling it.”

This week Lamudi shares with you a couple of tips to consider when buying land in Uganda


It is important to keep location in mind. The piece of land that you wish to purchase should not be in areas that are prohibited by the law such as road reserves, water bodies and many others.

It is important to be aware of certain aspects such as accessibility of the land as this may impact your financing plan and restrict the type of activities or projects that you may want to do with this land.

Use of the right channels

Do your due diligence when purchasing land and follow the right channels to make sure the process is legit and transparent which will make it easy for you to retrace your steps if you encounter a problem.

Refrain from using shortcuts like using unlicensed agents/brokers and not clarifying the documents that have been given pertaining the purchase.

Most people lose money and are sometimes implicated in court cases for not using the right channels to purchase land.

Have a budget and stick to it

The cost of land depends on several factors such as location, size, accessibility and whether it benefits from any type of planning permission.

It is important to budget for these and unforeseen expenses when buying land in order to avoid unplanned expenses. Land prices are also dependent on the general state of the property market, so prices are bound to change as the years go by.

Lawyer Up

All land dealings should always be conducted by a qualified lawyer specializing in land transactions. Land is a valuable commodity which means you should look for a lawyer who is sympathetic to your cause.

Provide your lawyer at an early stage with as much detail about the plot as possible is. This information can be site photographs and land titles..


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Your lawyer will check the documentation relating to the land and ensure that you are buying what is being sold. This will help you in case you run into any problems