Singer Jaguar Says Their Threats To Kill Raila Odinga Were Jokes

Kenya’s Kigeugeu singer, Jaguar has responded to the leaked video clip in which the musician, Sonko, Paul Kobia among others are seen allegedly threatening to kill Kenya’s former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga over his call for a referendum.


The Jaguars exchanging their vows at their Wedding in South Africa

While speaking to Ghafla, a Kenyan entertainment newswire, Jaguar said that people should learn to differentiate jokes from serious matters.


“I respect Raila as a former leader and so people should desist from the jokes going round the social media” uttered the upset Jaguar.


The video caused tension immediately it went public last week.


In the clip, Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Jaguar, Nairobi businessman Paul Kobia and Bishop Allan Kiuna among others are seen in dimly lit room which reportedly at one of the biggest hotels in Nairobi.


“We want to urge Raila Odinga that he will soon meet his maker if he continues undermining the presidency. We are warning him to stop playing with Uhuru and Ruto or he face dire consequences,” Paul Kobia said as Kobogo and Jaguar cheered.


Kobia also added that if Raila wants a referendum, he should put $50million to fund the exercise which is expected to cost the tax payer a whooping KShs8billion.


However, as all this was going on, Sonko was seen smiling as he smoked away his cigarette.



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Meanwhile Jaguar secretly wedded in South Africa this month but his secret couldn’t be hidden for even a month. Photos of him and his love were leaked online last week.


These were followed by a video of the pair exchanging vows before a priest in Church.