MUK lecturers suspend 100% increase salary demands


Makerere University main building

Makerere University staff  have agreed to suspend there 100% increase salary demand, and have decided to resume work.


Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) spokesperson Louis Kakinda confirmed today after the meeting that the University governing council had prevailed over the striking lecturers and professors to return to lecture rooms.


“We have had fruitful engagements with the University Council,” Kakinda said on Thursday, before adding that they will communicate to the teaching staff tomorrow and urge them to give up on the strike.


“The incentive that we have agreed on will replace the 100 per cent demand we are demanding. It was an in-house affair and we don’t want to tire it apart. We thought government would come in and help to fund the university but since government advised us to rear goats, we have found some goats at Makerere. But our demand is still on.” he added



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President Museveni refused to succumb to the lecturers’ demands for 100% salary increase, telling them to go and rear goats, if they could not be patient enough as government finds the money to implement the increase.

He also added 100% salary increase will be gradual and besides  infrastructure was more of priority than salaries.


With President Museveni rejecting their demands, the university governing council led by Vice Professor Ddumba Ssentamu engaged the lecturers, who after acrimonious meetings, seem to be ready to take the 20% increase for now as they wait for the President’s 100% salary increase in the future.