Gov’t Must Register All Foreigners says Bwanika


People’s Development Party president, Abed Bwanika

People’s Development party (PDP) has asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to register all foreigners that come in to the country to reduce crime.


Addressing a news conference at the party offices in Kampala on Thursday PDP party President Dr. Abed Bwanika said this will help reduce on the crime rate by foreigners and those found will be deported immediately because they can be easily identified.



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This follows suspected rape for a 23 year old lady who was gang raped and sodomized by five Pakistani investors who were former employees of Yuasa car bond.


“All investors and foreigners must be registered as it is in countries in developed world. When we travel to China, UK and all other countries we are registered and in case of any crime we are deported immediately” he said.


Meanwhile Dr. Bwanika has refuted allegation that the poverty levels in the country had dropped.

He said between 60%-70% of the people are not employed government should come up with a clear program to create jobs for the youth to eradicate poverty.