Gashumba Under Fire Over Aisha’s Participation In Miss Uganda

Controversial social critic, Frank Gashumba became famous in 2006 when he came out as a good Samaritan to lead a fundraising campaign for the treatment of a one Aisha Nabukeera, who had been burnt by her step mum.


Aisha Nabukeera (Photo by Bright Baba)

He became popular since then to the extent of being invited to State House last year by the president.

According to Gashumba, among the reasons for his invitation to State House was to caution him over what the president called misleading the public.


Gashumba is now under fire from the public over what they call misguiding of Aisha, his now foster daughter.

A section of the public believe it was Gashumba who pushed Aisha, who still spots scars from her childhood abuse to contest in this year’s Beauty Contest.


“Hello Aisha Nabukera, my future youth MP, being Miss Uganda is short lived fame. May God allow you to chase your dream and not other people’s dreams. You still have alot to tell. You have alot to inspire. Don’t be misguided by opportunists,” comedian Herbert Ssegujja Mendo popularly known for acting as president Museveni posted on Facebook.


Just like Ssegujja, a one Asiimwe Davis also believes the contest is not good for Aisha.

“I see it as another spotlight card for the man who loves news and fame. Its hard to talk or write about Aisha without mentioning
Gashumba. And for a person with her history, she needs no room for negative energy especially in the press and social media.”


His only fears are that “the Beauty pageant may slowly lose its meaning and by the time we realise it, we shall be getting acid victims, Kony war survivors, rape victims “all plying the sympathy and traumatized history card”.


“This is when I think Gashumba has failed as a guardian; as a father figure. We know it is his responsibility to boost this girl’s
confidence but in this unkind and cruel world, Aisha is just going to be hurt! Truth be told; let us not get all sentimental and sympathetic here but be realistic. We all know what happens in beauty pageants. I cant wait to see her in a bikini,” says Leohart Nsubuga.

Nabukeera on the runway as her Father and Sister Sheilah Gashumba applause. (Photo by Bright Baba)

One Malcom Isabirye says its a combination of courage because he had never seen a young woman with a scarred body contest in such an event before. “It was a wrong advice to her. It’s a beauty contest and not a sympathy contest.”


But contrary to her colleagues, Stecia Nakitende says that all those against Aisha’s participation are only envious because their families
are less supportive in helping them fulfill their dreams.


However, a one Rhoda Namubiru accuses Nakitende of being selfish.

“Young people like Aisha need to be guided by sober mind, so they can be able to make right choices in life. If you were not (selfish), you would know what’s right for that girl that is vulnerable. You should know that when people get burnt, some of their dreams get burnt as well. Stop your stories of inner beauty because judges don’t carry



“Try putting yourself in her shoes. If you had scars, would you want people to judge you by the scars? This girl is very confident.
Gashumba made the right choice of advising her to contest,” says Alex Kasule.

“Gashumba should not give this girl false confidence. sometimes its okay to leave the race for those meant for it. Aisha can do so many
things but not Miss Uganda,” Peace Natukunda says.



Meanwhile, the criticism from the public seem not to be bothering Gashumba in anyway. He has made posts on Facebook, where he commands a huge following, conversing for votes for Aisha.