Fun Facts About Uganda


So many things about Uganda remain a mystery to most. If you’re booking your stay using, you will not only be getting the best price guarantee but also basic information about your destination to help you navigate properly. Here are a few fun facts about Uganda that’ll make you want to discover even more about this lovely land.



Uganda is the Youngest Country in the world.




Over 50% of the population of Uganda according to the World Health Organisation is 14 years of age or younger. That would make it the youngest population in the world. This also makes the country a very good place to invest because the market is quite young and impressionable.



Mobile phone use



Ten million Ugandans have mobile phones. This makes up for a third of the country’s total population. This makes it quite easy for people to access technology and trends like mobile banking and mobile commerce, which are thriving in the region.



Bird species




Uganda is home to over 50% of Africa’s bird species and just about 10% of the world’s bird species making it the ideal destination for bird-watching. Uganda has over 1000 bird species which can be spotted throughout the year.



Fun Times and a Brew



If you enjoy a good cold one, Uganda is the place to be. It has been noted that 97% of the alcohol in Uganda is home brewed making it extremely affordable. Uganda also happens to be one of the largest consumers of alcohol worldwide.



Snow-capped Mystery



Unknown to some, despite the warm, equatorial weather that most of Uganda experiences, there also happens to be a range of snow-capped mountains popular with travelers looking for a little adventure. The Rwenzori Mountain Range, fondly called the Mountains of the Moon is located at the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Royalty is still in existence


President Yoweri Museveni Shaking Hands with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II


Though run by a democratic government, Ugandan royal monarchy is still in existence and greatly revered. The Kabaka still pulls weight in the country and presides over a number of traditional functions.




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