Bobi Wine-Kato Lubwama War Turns Into Veterans Vs Young Musicians

Kato Lubwama’s Saturday attacks on singer Bobi Wine seems to have opened up a verbal war between the old singers and the younger breed.

(R-L) Kato Lubwama, Ssendi, Bobi Wine and Dembe Fm presenter Kasuku during the show


This is after Kato Lubwama, while appearing on the Talk and Talk show, a musical program aired on Dembe Fm told said that Bobi Wine is talentless and his being in the music industry is a misplacement.


He added that Bobi Wine’s crew member, Nubian Li is far better a singer than Bobi Wine. “He (Nubian Li) is actually supposed to be the president of Fire Base,” he further said.


And as expected, Lubwama’s words attracted no kind words from the fresh breed singers among who included producer Aydee and Bobi Wine himself, who were part of the panel discussing the Ugandan music industry.


There was a steamy verbal exchange and the show which was airing live had to be stopped for some minutes until normality was restored.


“So Kato lubwama had some nasty stuff to say about Bobi wine’s musical career, really? I personally respect Kato as a seasoned playwright and radio presenter (but not a singer),” said Aydee, the other half of the Ngoni duo, after the show.


“He is not a celebrated musician and normally when u attempt at something and fail, you automatically disqualify yourself from criticizing those that made it.”


The veterans have also shot back with Edward Sendi, who once had a stint at music and was also part of the panel by the time of the attacks, saying their failure to make it in the music industry can’t stop them from critiquing those who are not making “good music”.


“I have felt it prudent to throw some light on yesterday’s Dembe fm’s Talk&Talk show which was broadcast live from Bat Valley Theatre. Bobi Wine said that people like me, Jenkins Mukasa, Ras B Ssali, Joe Tabula and Robert Ssegawa were once in music and failed so quit and therefore we are out to frustrate the “young” musicians (who are) riding the waves today,” Ssendi Sunday wrote on Facebook.


“I will speak for ma self here – I’m not frustrated, and I’m not at all sour grapping over the success of any musician BUT only out to critique and give wise counsel to the many in action and those intending to join the industry.”


He added that as someone who has been there (in the music industry) he knows something however little about the industry.


“So when I say a singer ‘stole’ a Jamaican rhythm much as the song is very good and I might be dancing to it, I have to let the public know the truth. If I say please girls always wear clean and black under panties while on stage, I’m correcting a mistake.”


He further said that the use of  “you quit and now a failure” is only a plot to divert the public from the real issue.



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“Sad that when I come out to promote/compliment any local music nobody comes out to compliment me. When I bring you business, you never call it envy…. why do you only come out when I point out your wrongs?!”


Ssendi further advised the fresh music generation to stop “hiding under the ‘what does he have’ question.”


“People who have never have to blow their trumpets over what they do. Next time I will write about the musicians who claim to own houses , cars etc yet they actually don’t own even a single set of costume for stage.”