Why Hussein Kyanjo Was Poisoned Four Years Back

Hussein Kyanjo


Hussein Kyanjo has been the Makindye West Member of Parliament for the last two terms however he declared that he wasn’t going to stand again to represent the constituency to pave way for others to develop the area. The constituency is going to be represented by Allan Ssewanyana in the tenth parliament, however, Kyanjo who has been bedridden four now four years talked about his life after parliament and how he was poisoned and why.


What are the achievements you are proud of as former Member of Parliament for Makindye West for the last ten years?

I used to call my people for a meeting at least every after six months to have a discussion with them about what was going on in the constituency and I always took the discussed points to Parliament. Another thing, I was among the people who spearheaded the return of elderly payment by the government though there are still some challenges in terms of delivery but at least some get that money.


Opposition leaders have always pinned president Museveni saying he wants to bring his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for presidency, where is the difference between you and him because you brought your son (Farouk Kyanjo) also to replace you as Makindye West Member of Parliament?

The difference is, I have been in parliament for ten years only and president Museveni has been there for thirty years. And my son had to undergo the election process and indeed he went there and failed to go through.


Did your son’s failure in elections imply that people were already tired of you?

I cant take that in bad faith because we all want to work for the people that is why when I heard that Farouk had lost I immediately called the winner – Allan Ssewanyana because also I take him to be my son.


Why did you takethe decision to retire from politics?

I always wanted to resemble Mandela. Even before being bedridden I had decided to step-down and do my other businesses.  On top I wanted other people to take over and get that experience of leadership.


Does JEEMA have a future given that it now has no member of Parliament?

I can say yes because we are going to rebuild the party starting from down on councilors who were elected this term because that is the way how the party is being built from the roots.


Dou you think the Buganda Parliamentary caucus still vibrant?

Yes, but the problem is with us Baganda. We still have that fear factor and that is a disease.  By the time I was on the security committee I made sure that it is not being dominated by Banyankole and if you say that, to many they fear to come out straight and talk about that.


Do you agree with Members of Parliament being exempted from taxes?

It is not fair for members of Parliament to be levied of taxes because definitely that will affect their efficiency.


Now you are out of politics what next?

I have my businesses at Nasser Road and I will go back there.


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Is it true that you were poisoned and why would someone poison you?

Yes I was poisoned four years ago. It was done because I consistently discussed about the oil and gas in Uganda. I have been treated in India and England but now I feel better and I will be ok. The tongue suffered much more and up to now speaking is a problem.