Bad Black’s Ex Muzungu Lover Probed Over Illegal Gun Trade

Socialite Bad Black’s ex muzungu lover, David Greenhalgh is being  investigated upon allegations of being involved in Illegal activities like gun trade and forgery of documents.


Interpol Uganda was asked by Interpol Manchester (UK)to immediately kick off investigations into businessman  Greenhalgh’s business in Uganda and South Sudan after the allegations came up.


Reliable sources have it that Greenhalgh trafficks military hardware from Ukraine to Sudan via Uganda.


The charges registered at the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Kireka are contrary to the Export Control Order, Act 2008 of the UK.


The letter permitting investigations states that Greenhalgh has a business Macedonia and “is being investigated by the Macedonian authorities for offenses relating to money laundering and forgery of document.”


In response to the letter, Asan Kasingye, Interpol Uganda chief wrote to the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Director (CIID) to investigate Greenhalgh. In July, Kasingye asked the progress of the investigations to which he was told that Greenhalgh used two Ugandan companies, Cascade Construction Company Ltd and Gimex Uganda Ltd to carry out his illegal businesses.



Equipment including Mobile airspace management system, central mobile control unit equipped wtih radar, displayers and communication systems. The said companies are however not registered.



Source: Uganda Picks