Either Their Nudes Leak Or They Switch To NBS, What Is Happening To NTV Presenters?

As we wrap up 2015, some companies are so excited to start a fresh new year because 2015 has been so rough for them. Take for instance – NTV.

Anita Fabiola


Back in May, NTV suffered a huge loss after it was forced to ‘fire’ one of the presenters because her nudes leaked. Anita Fabiola was one of the reasons why ‘Be My Date’ was so popular. But after this scandal, we assumed that all NTV staff members would never repeat this mistake.



Rukh-Shana Namuyimba and Solomon Serwanjja were part of the group that joined NBS


As NTV was recovering from this loss, it was hit by another hard blow. Over 8 employees scattered from the station in October to join rival NBS.


Currently, history has just repeated itself. Another presenter ‘might be’ fired because her nudes are making rounds on social media!


Of course she will come up with an excuse, that someone (most probably her ex-boyfriend leaked the nudes), but there’s a big possibility that NTV won’t buy it.


This presenter is none other than the famous Kleith Kyatuhaire!


Kleith Kyatuhaire

What do you think could be the reason why these NTV presenters are on a roller-coaster of ‘surprises’? Is it a salary issue, a ‘cheap popularity’ issue or NTV has not thoroughly sensitized its employees especially on the consequences of taking nudes?



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