UNEB Registers a Drop in Senior Four Performance

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has registered a drop in the general performance in this year’s UCE results.

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive Secretary, Mathew Bukenya

Speaking at the release of the senior four results at the Statistics House in Kampala, the UNEB Executive Secretary, Mathew Bukenya said science subjects were poorly performed compared to English subjects.


The Girls performed better in Literature and English and boys performed better in science subjects.


Bukenya said UNEB is holding results of over 1,800 candidates. “Impersonation, external assistance was detected by examiners. This was seen during marking the scripts.”


He added: “Worked solutions on pieces of paper were passed around for students to copy during exams.”


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He explained that no leakages occurred anywhere, but some leakages occurred inside examination rooms.



UNEB also noted that there is evidence of lack of practical teaching despite efforts by the ministry to supply laboratory equipment.


“Students found it hard to handle laboratory apparatus, write units,” Bukenya said.


UNEB Chairman, Fagil Mandy said 70 percent of malpractices in which results are withheld are in Science and Mathematics


General performance of students

He also noted that most students especially in rural areas cannot think critically and don’t know how to answer questions.


“It appears to be little teaching perhaps because of lack of teachers…especially rural schools,” he added.


“The teachers are not yet there…. they still need out help,” added  Fagil Mandy.


Mandy also revealed that of the 289,012 candidates who sat exams last year, 261,438 made it in divisions I to IV while a total of 25,229 completely failed the exams.