Ssimbwa Ready To Give Investigations Time

Coach Sam Ssimbwa was last year handed the task of being KCCA FC’s assistant manager to Mike Mutebi; but it is now 28 days since he was handed suspension from the club to pave way for investigation in a case where he proudly confirmed bribing referees.

Coach Sam Ssimbwa wants to know time of investigations


Probably Simbwa would have already known his fate but since the case was handed to FUFA, Ssimbwa’s knowledge to know his fate at KCCA FC was postponed until the federation releases its results from the investigations.



Ssimbwa says he is okay with both parties (FUFA and KCCA FC) going on with investigations but they need to let him know when exactly the investigations will be done.



Currently he is still being paid by KCCA FC though not at work but he says he does care about his job because he wasn’t hired only be paid while seated hence he does need to be at his work or else must be knowledgeable on when the verdict will be released.



On 15th last month KCCA FC starte to conduct investigations into the allegations and authenticity of a recording in which Sam Ssimbwa allegedly uttered certain statements regarding his personal conduct in the field of football.