Kansiime Opens Up On Failure To Conceive

Comedian Anne Kansiime Tuesday at the Queens of Comedy show came out on why she has failed to conceive.

Gerald Ojok as he engaged Anne Kansiime at her home village in Kabale district last year in October

“I understand most of you must be wondering why I am not pregnant up to now. Yes, I am often asked the same question by different people. And it has nothing to do with my comedy trips. Can you really survive an Acholi man?” Kansiime narrated to a fully packed Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall.


“There is no way you can survive him, especially when you are legally into it (Marriage) like some of us. The other day he went with me on one of my trips saying he can’t be left behind.”


She jokingly told the audience that she has done everything “including somersaulting but my efforts have yielded nothing. I, however, will not be pressured I will conceive when that time comes.”


Kansiime got married in a traditional wedding in February this year.


However, the lightest moment was when Bobi Wine’s young brother, Mickie Wine and his group made it to the cinema hall.


Comedian Cotilda, who was the MC of the night got the microphone from Kansiime and made several hilarious jokes about Bobi Wine.


“Mickie Wine I know you’ve just come but you’ll forgive me…..my joke has to go on!” she joked as Mickie Wine nodded his head in affirmative.


“I hear that most of Bobi Wine’s songs have always been composed as a response to Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool sang Agenze and Bobi responded with Wesotinge. He again released Kasepiki and Bobi responded with Katala. Bebe Cool went on to produce Nkola Byafayo and still Bobi hit back with Size Yo.”


She said that it was it this moment that Bebe Cool got fade up and thought of a way of handling this.


“He produced Love You Everyday, a song which is in English. I hear upon hearing the song, Bobi called for an emergence meeting in Kamwokya. ‘What is this song about? Was he (Bebe Cool) hitting at me? What is the way forward?’ Bobi asked those who attended his meeting.”


The joke left almost everyone in attendance laughing their lungs out, including Mickie Wine, who could be seen laughing uncontrollably.


The joke was ‘justice’ got for Bebe Cool, who had been joked about before Cotilda got the microphone.


Comedian Eve had earlier on joked about the current ways used by musicians to promote their songs. “Musicians are now involving the whole of their families to promote their songs. The husband writes; I am leaving for a concert in UK, hashtags Love You Everyday.



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“The wife writes; I am going for NTV Life Stories, hashtags Love You Everyday. The Son writes; I am watching cartoons, hashtags Love You Everyday! In other words the whole family is involved!”


Meanwhile the other performers of the night were Tindichebwa Mustapha and Anite, of the Hostel fame. The Queens of comedy perform every first Tuesday of the month at Century Cinemax.