Buvuma S4 Finalists Stranded As Ferry Carrying Exams Takes Hours To Arrive!

Reports coming in from the far-flung Buvuma Islands in Lake Victoria, make scary reading after it emerges that the UNEB S4 papers had not reached the place by 1pm today!

Students who woke early and reached the only two secondary schools in the area, resorted to guessing when the exam papers would arrive after waiting for hours in vain.


Buvuma Resident District Commissioner Richard Gulume confirmed the delay in delivery of the UNEB exams to the district.

Richard Gulume

It is understood that UNEB sent the exams to Lugazi Police Stations on Sunday where they were kept overnight before they were delivered to a ferry at Kiyindi Landing site for on ward delivery to Buvuma College and Hiringira SSS.


When the ferry delayed, there were fears that the exams would be done at night in case of Hiringira SSS since another boat would be required to deliver them to the school that lies two miles away from Buvuma district headquarters.



UNEB publicist Hamis Kaheru was cagey when contacted for comment.



“ Come and attend a press conference at 3pm and get the comment you want,” Kaheru said before refusing to be drawn into discussing the matter any more.