Bukenya: Malpractice of UACE Examinations Reduced This Year

There was a reduction in the malpractice of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations this year, said Mathew Bukenya, the Executive Secretary UNEB.

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive Secretary, Mathew Bukenya

He was speaking at the release of UACE results at the Office of the Prime Minister, conference hall in Kampala.


Bukenya said results of 34 candidates have been with held until investigations are concluded.


He however, noted that girls performed better than boys at all levels of grading as well as in Mathematics in this year’s UACE examinations results.


He said there was 97.6% improvement in terms of performance and the best performed subjects were History, Economics and Islamic Studies.


“Although sciences are compulsory at UCE level, their performance at UACE level has continued to be poor,” he added.


He said at least 50 per cent of the candidates who sat for the exams failed to demonstrate the basic competencies especially in Chemistry.


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Bukenya said many candidates failed to understand the key meaning of words thus leading to misinterpretation of the meaning.



“They were weak in critical thinking and failed to analyse, or observe the real meaning of words.”

There was a noticeable drop in performance specifically in Chemistry, Geography, Agriculture, and Physics.


He also noted that there is an Increase in candidature of 4 percent, leading to 4372 more candidates.


In 2013, 289,012 candidates sat for the examination compared to 262,987 candidates who sat for the examination in 2012.


The total of 116,190 candidates registered for 2013 exterminations from 1,710 centres compared to 111,456 from 1,334 centres in 2012.


Female candidates who appeared for the examinations were 137,276 this is 47.9% of total candidature and 97.7% of registered females.


Speaking at the release, Fagil Mandy, Chairman UNEB thanked parents and the children for being patient with them.


He also added that examination malpractice reduced.


Overall, pass levels improved in Christian Religious Education, Islamic Religious Education, History and Biology.



Meanwhile, twelve centres which did not comply with new registration regulations of ICT and sub math affecting 560 students, their exams have not been printed.