KCCA Mismanagement Committee Halted

There was to be a nomination of a committee to handle the investigation of the  mismanagement of KCCA, which has been halted by Rafael Magyezi.


Rafael Magyezi 

Rafael the vice chairperson of the  parliamentary committee of public service and local government wrote to the government chief whip Justine Kasule Lumumba after the parliament report on the issue.


He wrote seeking interpretation of proceeding on the nomination due to the failure of the house to debate the report content despite the fact that the deputy speaker and the clerk acknowledging that the report was authentic.


In this same letter he said,the house failed to accord the committee leadership the opportunity to defend themselves because the clerk was absent from the meeting of 15th/05/13.


The Vice Chairperson also added that the rules and practice of the parliament didn’t require the committee clerk to write  a report of the meeting happenings. He also wants the government chief whip to obtain advice on the procedure to process his appeal adding that government chief whip to identify the technical support to facilitate his appeal.


All this happened after yesterday, KCCA workers tried to get payments from the former New park drivers who now occupy the Namirembe parkyard and failed, causing a strike and closure of  the Namirembe road yesterday.