Capital FM ‘Brain Game’ Winner Bags Shs8.3M

The 91.3 Capital Fm brain game worth Shs8.3M that lasted several months was finally won by one, John Mugarura after giving the correct answer yesterday.


Thousands of Capital Fm radio listeners for months searched for one answer to one question worth millions of money that is increased by Shs10,000 every show. Not even Google would answer the question using the easiest tags.



The big question was; “After the tenth one, it did not matter that he belonged to an ethnic minority” Who’s this?

The mysterious answer/personality is Daley Thompson   30-year-old Nigerian sportsman, who has won two Olympic gold medals and several titles at the Commonwealth games.  Thompson is considered by many to be one of the greatest decathletes of all time.



The new question for Capital Fm brain game is; ” This self-promoter mentioned the words, ‘I and me’ more than 80 times in a 24 minute address. Who is this person?”

To win, the prize, call during the big breakfast show, am-pm with Flavia or evening drive.






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