WhatsApp Introduces Quoted Messages


In case you haven’t noticed, WhatsApp has quietly introduced support for quoted messages in a reply. This feature is however functional on some devices and not on others. Either it is still in experimental stage or in the process of getting rolled out on all devices. The Official WhatsApp blog hasn’t communicated officially yet, but we have used it so we know it does work.


Some reports indicate that one doesn’t need to update their WhatsApp to be able to quote messages but it has not worked for everybody. Others suggest using latest Android beta, v.2.16.118.


To quote, press the message you want to respond to for a few seconds until an action bar pops up showing star, reply, copy, forward and delete. Click the option to reply which will quote the message you have selected and write something.


WhatsApp-Image-20160614-1 (1)


On some devices, when you press the message to quote, an arrow appears at the top left and when you press that arrow, it allows you to quote.






Reports also indicate that WhatsApp is testing out a video call feature along with support for animated GIFs. Currently GIF images are treated like normal video and have to be downloaded before they can play. Which many don’t like.