URA Orders Nakivubo To Pay Ugsh108 To Reopen


It’s been a week since URA suspended all business activities in and around Nakivubo Stadium for tax arrears accumulated to 485 million shillings. The stadium board of trustees has teamed up with the tax collection authority for the stadium to resume its normal activities.


The stadium board of trustees’ spokesperson Denis Ssembatya reveals they have already reached out to the Minister of Education and Sports, the First Lady Janet Museveni to explain the circumstances around the stadium; the minister pledged to render due assistance to resolve the matter and have the stadium reopened.


“We also went to minister (Education and Sports) and she accepted to help us so that the stadium can be re-opened because the situation almost went out of our control at a certain moment,” said Denis Ssembatya.


He added that for now Uganda Revenue Authority has asked the board to pay at least 60 million shillings to URA and 48 million shillings to Kamugisha Agencies which amounts to 108 millions.


Ssembatya said the stadium has a debt of 220 million shillings which amounts to 485 million shillings including bailiffs’ (Kamugisha Agencies)charges. Kamugisha Agencies were assigned by URA to foresee the debt collections.


“Everything the stadium is being done to be re-opened. We are now looking for money to have the stadium re-opened because many activities have been halted,” added Ssembatya.



URA sealed off the stadium over grounds of bouncing cheques submitted by Nakivubo Stadium and other forms of breach between the two parties’ Memorandum of Understanding.