UPC wants 50% of budget for health, education, agriculture

nation2As the country prepares for the reading of the national budget today, the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has urged government to consider allocating a half of the overall budget to education, health, and agricultural sectors for improved service delivery.


UPC wants government to allocate 20% to the education sector, 15 % health and the other 15% to the agricultural sector.  

“The focus should be on these three major sectors because everybody in this country falls sick, needs education and food to survive,” said Ambassador Harold Acemah.


Acemah, a senior member of UPC noted that government has always allocated below 10% of the budget to each of the three sectors which he said are very important in the development of the country’s economy.

“I am surprised government has been neglecting these very important sectors, the inadequate budget for the sectors affects all of us,” he stated. 


Acemah made the remarks Wednesday during the party’s weekly press briefing at Uganda House building in Kampala.

Statistics indicate that the agricultural sector employs over 80% of the national population.

The UPC senior said government needs to invest more resources in areas such agriculture, health and education that benefit all Ugandans.


“There is no justification for government to invest in fighter jets; we don’t need them anymore because we are not at war.  How can you spend lots of money on such equipment when Ugandans are dying, Kony is no longer in Uganda and we are at peace? Who are we fighting? ,” Acemah insisted.


He also called upon government to ensure that the budget addresses the high taxes charged on different essential commodities consumed by Ugandans.

Today finance minister Maria Kiwanuka is expected to present to Parliament the 2012/2013 national budget with an estimated sh10.25 trillion.


Source: New Vision