TPF6: Juliana Kanyomozi And Muthoni At Loggerheads

Latest from the Tusker Project Fame season 6 is that judge Juliana Kanyomozi and music director Muthoni the Drummer Queen are at loggerheads.

Juliana and Muthoni

Juliana and Muthoni

According to the Kenyan Daily Post, Juliana and Muthoni washed their dirty linen in public during last week’s show as they disagreed on  a small issue to an extent of exchanging bitter words.


Juliana and Muthoni have on several occasions disagreed on how the academy should run and so many other issues.




The Tooro Princess accuses Muthoni of being “high-headed” and opinionated.


On the other hand, TPF6 fans have attacked the new emcee Joey Muthengi calling her incompetent and boring. This disgruntlement kicked off this season when the fans’ favorite Sheilah Mwenyigah was replaced with Muthengi.



Source: Kenyan Daily Post