Stella Nyanzi Wanted By Makerere University Board

“I am listening to two eminent experts of human rights in Africa. Judge Navi Pillay is taking about ‘Africa’s Human Rights Challenges; Progress, Problems and Progress’. Prof Barney Pitayana is the discussant,” Makerere University research, Dr Stella Nyanzi wrote Tuesday on Facebook.


But as she enjoyed the discussion in South Africa, back home she was the part of what was discussed as her employers released their final report about the Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) scandal that came to light following Nyanzi’s protests.


While in a press briefing today led by the chairman appointments board Bruce Kabaasa and Prof Barnabas Nawangwe the Deputy Vice chancellor in charge of finance and administration said a milestone has been reached towards solving the MISR probe.


Speaking to media, the administrators revealed to media that one of their findings called for a fresh investigation into the scandal.


It’s here that Nyanzi has been summoned to appear before the board this Friday.


A final resolution will then be passed in regards with her terms of employment and work duties at Makerere.


Other observations made by the board include the fact that the academic staff at MISR were required to devote 50% of their time to research and the other 50% to teaching contrary to Nyanzi’s allegations. It also further tasked itself to search for an alternative funding from Donors as the current ones are insufficient and unreliable.


The board also pledged to look into issues raised by PhD students pertaining the cancellation of their scholarships by the head of MISR, Prof Mahmood Mamdani.


They have resolved to look into how a student attains or looses a scholarship, accommodation and travel. This has also called on the review of the establishment structure and creation of the Deputy Director post to ease delegation, knowledge transfer and management of transition.


However, it is unlikely that Nyanzi will heed to the summons and fly back home to attend to answer to the board as she recently announced that she got employed in South Africa.


Apparently she will be earning Shs211million monthly!