Sseganyi: One Minister In Government Is Superior To The Whole Shadow Cabinet


Uganda People’s Congress is said to be in cohorts with the ruling party National Resistance Movement in an attempt to forge a ‘coalition.’ According to the party, there is no other explanation but this for the leader of opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza’s actions in snubbing all UPC members while appointing the shadow cabinet early this week.


UPC’s secretary General Edward Sseganyi was quick to answer that their party can sustain itself even without joining their fellow opposition parties.


“We can sustain ourselves; since their existence what have the opposition governments done to change this country?  We accepted to have our members appointed as ministers in the government because one minister in the government is better than the whole shadow cabinet,” said Sseganyi.


He added that even associating with NRM is not evil and it’s the right of each political party to associate with whoever they know that can benefit the party.


“It’s not evil to associate with another party even the constitution endorses it,” added Sseganyi.




In the new cabinet, two UPC members Betty Amongi and Ruth Achieng were appointed but one faction of UPC led by Dr. Olara Otunnu was against these appointments and also the opposition side is against it though the appointed members are more than ready to go by appointment and serve in the government.