Rwamiti Advises Fired NTV Staff To Keep Calm & Stop Soiling Boss’ Name

The current restructure by Nation Media Group hasn’t spared NTV.

Rwamiti (C) Faridah Nakazibwe (L) and Senga Hamida (R) in NTV Studios today for the 'Mwasuze Mutya' program

Rwamiti (C) Faridah Nakazibwe (L) and Senga Hamida (R) in NTV Studios today for the ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ program

As reported last week, over 15 NTV’s employees have already been informed of how their services are no longer needed as the station restructures. Out of disappointment, many had apparently taken to tarnishing their former boss’ name, an act that has not gone down well with one of their ex workmate, Miles Rwamiti.


He has appealed for calmness from the affected members, advising them to move on.


Speaking to UGO, the ‘NTV Koona’ presenter appealed to his colleagues to stop what he called tarnishing of Aggie Konde’s name. Konde is the NTV boss, Uganda.


“In regard to the ongoing restructuring exercise at NTV, the exercise is very normal & NTV is not the first neither is it the last to undergo such transformation! I appeal to all of you to take heart; both the affected & unaffected and not to resort to deceitful allegations directed towards our current head Ms. Aggie Konde. I am pretty certain that this is negative propaganda!” he advises.


He further adds that “if I was part of the affected team, I would look ahead and move on. Let’s talk with facts because deliberate tarnishing of one’s image is definitely punishable by law. The struggle continues as we seek to move both NTV & Spark tv to greater heights.”


Rwamiti was reacting to reports that accuse Konde of firing part of her staff and replacing them with among others, J Kazoora, who they claim was handed their jobs on the basis of being her friend despite being almost twice expensive that the sacked staff.


Those to be fired have already been informed. They are only waiting for the final decision from the Nation Media Group bosses in Nairobi.