President Museveni Meets South Korean President

President Museveni and President Park

President Museveni and President Park


Today Thursday, the President Museveni of the Republic of Uganda has met with the South Korean President Park Geun-hye. The meeting was held to talk about economic cooperation between the two countries.


This was the first summit President Park has had at home since she took office in February which shows the importance of her attachments to bolster ties with Africa’s rich resources.
A Korean Online paper Yonhap said that President Museveni arrived in South Korea on  Wednesday for a three-day visit, becoming the first foreign head of state to visit South Korea for summit talks with Park. President Armando Guebuza is also scheduled to visit Seoul making him the second African President to visit South Korea during her regime.


The  discussion which was to bolster trade and investment, energy and resources cooperation, and development cooperation between Uganda and South Korea, as well as other regional and global issues.

“I believe the new growth engine in the 21st century is Africa and Uganda’s amazing development is a telling symbol of this,” Park said at the start of the summit. “I was happy to hear that President Museveni has often mentioned South Korea’s case when speaking of Uganda’s blueprint for the future. I hope to actively share these development experiences.” Said Park


It is said Park attaches high importance to seeking economic cooperation with the continent that is rich in oil and other resources and has high economic growth potential.


As already known Africa is called the “last growth engine” of the globe thus Park said on Monday that South Korea shall focus its assistance to African countries on providing  them with necessary and real support and economic development.


President Museveni said he respects Park’s achievements and those of her father, former President Park Chung-hee, who is credited by supporters with lifting South Korea from poverty. He said he witnessed the elder Park’s achievement when he was working as a student politician.


A framework agreement which grants aid aimed to help Uganda draw up strategies for agricultural between Uganda and South Korea was signed.


Museveni’s travel plans include visiting the South Korea’s  rural development  administration, the Korea Saemaul Undong Center and industrial facilities. The center was Park Chung-hee’s led campaign carried out in the nationwide to pull itself out of  poverty in the 1970s.  And the President is to have a dinner reception with Korean business leaders.


The two countries forged diplomatic relations in 1963 and their two-way trade volume amounted to US$8.2 billion last year.