NCS: Boxing League Should Produce Commonwealth Talent


Uganda Boxing Federation recently announced the return of the league. However, for a start, it will consist of nine clubs from around Kampala; the league will not be a national scheme in the start.


Uganda Boxing Federation general secretary Simon Baligo said they found it demanding to have a league with more competition for boxers especially before they participate in international events.


“We last had such league way back in 1988 but we found it demanding to have it again. Some countries have tried out this and they are taking boxing to the next level. It will help us put the game back to fundamentals. In NCS’ statutes this is mandated as we look to nationalize the league, we shall first have to visit some districts with these clubs that are going to start the league,” said Baligo.


National Council of Sports general secretary Nicolas Mulamagi said the council is ready to help boxing however, they need to support a non-sluggish project with yields.


“Commonwealth games are coming but we want to support the league [t0] produce boxers who will compete. Boxing lost some years in wrangles and we want to move there and start a new chapter,” said Mulamagi.



The league starts this weekend, 30th July, 2016 and will only be played during weekend days.