Music Groups To Audition For Tusker Project Fame 6

tpf6Tusker Project Fame, the ultimate music talent search in East Africa is back with season six this time around, music groups will also be allowed to audition rather than just individuals.



Music groups of not more than 3 people will be allowed to audition for TPF 6 which new format makes the competition tougher than ever.



Tusker Project Fame will allow participation from six countries that include, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Auditions for Uganda will kick off this on 24th and 25th August in Gulu and 7th and 8th September in Kampala.



Something exclusive about TPF 6 is that, unlike the previous series, this time around, besides seeing group competition, even the voting will be rated per country and not individual votes.



While speaking at the launch of TPF 6 at Club Venom, Harry Mwanje, Tusker Lager Brand Manager said,


“One key change is the voting, which now will be block votes per country as compared to individual numbers of votes received from fans across East Africa. This we believe will bring greater participation from all participating countries.” 



This season TPF aims at inspiring the youths to develop their musical talent as they will be given VIP status, UGX 150,000,000 prize money and a recording contract.



It’s no doubt that Uganda has a lot of music talent to explore because since the launch of TPF, two Ugandans have won, that is, Esther Nabaasa and Davis Ntaare that won the previous season.







Source: Press Release