MP’s Grill Bbumba Over CMB Workers Pay


Former Minister of Finance Syda Bbumba

Former Minister of Finance Syda Bbumba

Legal and parliamentary affairs committee questioned former Finance Minister Syda Bbumba to explain circumstances under which billions meant for compensation of retrenched coffee marketing board workers, was allegedly diverted to fund president Museveni´s 2011 campaigns.


Bumba was questioned to explain allegations that she colluded with other ministers to deny over 1658 fired workers the due pay.


“ I was briefed I had no capacity considering the busy schedule of the minister of Finance, to go back in 1992 and verify the information which was given to me” she said.



Not even her resignation from cabinet appears to have saved former finance minister Syda Bumba from controversy; yet again she faced legislators on the legal and parliamentary affairs committee of parliament over allegations against her in the disposal of the defunct coffee marketing board assets.


Bbumba is accused of allegedly ganging up with other ministers to deny over 1658 ex-workers their pay.


The former workers petitioned parliament after they failed to get their issue resolved in a matter that saw billions swindled at the privatization unit and the ministry of finance.