Meet Eve – Lawyer By Profession, Comedian Out Of Passion



Who is Eve?

I am Eva Nabadda, female aged 27. I am a lawyer by profession, I work with Mubiru Kasozi &Co Advocates. I am the 1st born of 6 children, catholic born to Mr. and Mrs. Everest Kayondo.


How and when did you join comedy?

I joined comedy in 2011, in my 3rd year at campus. There was a new group starting called ‘Brain Washers’ and an old friend recommended me. It had the likes of Bright Onak, Dickens, Conan, Ronnie Musimenta, Omukebete … among others. I was the ONLY lady. We started at Sabrinas Pub then Effendys.

Later in 2013, I joined Queens Of Comedy. My talent was identified by Cotilda from Brain Wash.


Describe the experience on the first day you did ‘stand-up comedy’ in front of an audience. 

I was extremely TOO nervous. I was not sure of what I was supposed to do, but I managed to crack one joke and immediately rushed off stage.


Where was this?

It was at Sabrina’s.


How do you manage being a lawyer and comedian at the same time?

Being a lawyer is my profession and takes most of my time but being a comedian is a passion and it does not take my time. I can come up with a piece in 10 minutes. I find it very easy.


Do people take you serious during a court session?

The few times I have been in court, people do take me serious. Even at office, they do. I think its because stand-up comedy is cooperate in nature.


What’s the best joke you have heard so far?

The best joke I have heard was from Zizinga Dickson; he argued with a friend that 500 shillings could buy him more than enough eats but the friend refused to believe him. So Zizinga went and bought him a 20 liter Jerry can of water at 200/= and pancakes of 300/=  I died.


 Who/what inspires you?

I am inspired by the prosperous people who have made it from scratch in the comedy industry like MC Kapale and Omara Daniel.

My parents inspire me as well. They are so supportive, they help me build my material and also help me with building my confidence. Then my siblings who attend all my shows and of course my best friend Joseph. He keeps encouraging me even when I feel like I can’t make it. He has attended almost all my shows.


How do you rate ‘stand-up comedy’ in Uganda?

Stand-up comedy is quickly developing with fresh talent on the market  and I believe we are heading international.


According to you, what does it take to be a good comedian?

A good comedian should be natural and have the ability to study the type of audience and what they want. If you try to copy anyone’s style then comedy is not your thing.


What are some of the challenges you go through?

Being up to date. My style on stage is joking about current affairs so I have to be up to date all the time but sometimes the audience may not be informed which may not be so easy to crack them up.

Also, my schedule is so busy. Am back to school, am working and doing comedy at the same time.


Are you married? 

I am not married.


And a boyfriend, do you have one?

Nope, I do not have a boyfriend.




Often during your performances, you don’t hide the fact that you are ‘well endowed’. In fact, in a recent show you emphasized that you don’t have any butt implants or the fake bums that some women wear. Doesn’t this make men go crazy to an extent of stalking you? Have you ever gone through something odd resulting from this?

Joking about one’s body and attributes is one trick of relating to people and those are the funniest jokes. So I use my body a lot to make up a good piece. I have not had stalkers yet. I think partly because am too busy with school, work, comedy and business. And stalkers may not know where to find me.


Describe a typical day in your everyday routine.

I wake up at 6 am, pray, watch news, have breakfast and head to class. If I don’t have class that day, I head to office.

In the evening, I do research relating to work, and head home. Am an indoor person, so if am not at work or at the show, am at home doing housework. I still stay with my parents.




Are you active on social media?

I failed to get time for twitter, but am on Facebook. My username is Nabadda Eva.

My email;