Man Hangs Self after Failing to Clear a Loan


Crime Scene

Crime Scene

A 47-year-old man has hanged himself after his father refused to give him part of his share of his in-heritance in Buikwe district.


It is reported that Batista Kalyadere who was fisherman and a resident of Najja Sub County acquired a loan of Sh.4m but only managed to pay Sh.2.5m, who decided to turn to his father to rescue him.



Meanwhile Kalyadere’s father refused to comply to his demands of selling off part of the land to pay off his loan.


His father said he purchased some boats of which he put Kalyadere in charge to manage but to his surprise he had never remitted any money got from the boats.


After a rejection by his father to give him part of his inheritance Kalyadere went at back of his father’s house in their garden and decided to hang himself on a mango tree.


He was found dead hanging on the tree by the area residents.