Makerere Guild To Museveni: Please Address Ongoing Coup

Acting Makerere University Guild President, Jothan Y. Burobuto has requested president Museveni to address the ongoing ‘coup’ against him, advising him to act like his Turkish counterpart, Edorgan.

Makerere University acting guild

Makerere University acting guild

In a letter he addressed to the president, Burobuto reports that the Ministry of Finance officials are plotting a coup against him.


Whereas on 3rd Septmeber, 2015 president Museveni directed Matia Kasaija, the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development that; Beginning with FY 2016/17 salaries for the Non-teaching staff should be enhanced in an appropriate manner, the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary has refused to respect the directives.


“Your Excellency Sir, I have been rumored to that you always read Newspapers in the morning. Since the process of seeing you or even writing to you is so bureaucratic and could take even years, I decided to use this platform to bring to your attention an urgent matter. I want to report to you that your junior officers no longer respect you, they have no respect for your word, their impunity is bound to destroy the Education Sector especially in Public Universities,” reads the post.


“The ministry of Public Service informed all non-teaching staff of Public Universities that you are a liar, untrustworthy a manipulator, that you lack integrity and that people should never take your word for it. He has told the non-teaching staff that the directive of his boss, in fact, extreme boss is of no consequence to his office. He has assured the non-teaching staff vehemently and unequivocably that if any of them gets an enhancement in tandem with that of the teaching staff or even their arrears paid then he won’t be the Secretary to the Treasury.


“Your Excellency Sir, the Secretary has also assured all public servants that you no longer hold any powers that they can actually usurp your powers, no wonder even some of your officers in the disciplined forces apparently tried to organize a coup detat. Otherwise how can he refuse to adhere to your directive?!!”


He further reminds the president that Universities will officially be opening next week for new students yet non-teaching staff had threatened to go strike effective today unless his directive (of increasing salaries of non-teaching staff) is adhered to.


“Your Excellency just like President Edorgan of Turkey did, your great friend, when the citizens fought for his power on his behalf, he did not neglect them but came out and claimed what was his. Your Excellency the Non-teaching staff have revolted against those officers who have usurped your powers, please rescue yourself as well and bring these officers in the Ministry of Finance to order.
Mr. President I request you not to allow defiance campaign into the Treasury, Sir.”


Non-teaching staff of public universities across the country are on a sit-down strike over failure to increase their salaries as directed by the president last year and in May this year.

Senate Building at Makerere University Official Page has been closed as non teaching staff strike (photo credit; NBS TV)

Senate Building at Makerere University Official Page has been closed as non teaching staff strike (photo credit; NBS TV)

Reports indicate that Shs78billion is needed to cater for their salary increment.


“If we have about Shs1.3 trillion shillings ready to bail out our businessmen; I am told we spent over Shs200 billion shillings in the campaigns, no wonder in your letter of 3rd September 2015 you were so sure we had the finances to undertake the directive, since its only about Shs78 billions needed. Lastly your Excellency sir, please put into consideration over, 100,000 students in all those public Universities together with their families that will be greatly inconvenienced if this strike was to happen.”


In a letter dated 2nd May 2016, after a meeting between Ministry of Finance officials and the Public Universities Non-teaching Staff Executives Forum (PUNTSEF), the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury noted that it had been agreed with this Forum that: Beginning FY2016/17, salaries for Non-teaching staff of Public Universities will be enhanced in tandem to the salaries of the teaching staff for all Public Universities. Secondly, that arrears arising out of non-payment of enhanced salaries due to the non-teaching staff for the FY 2015/16 will be considered beginning FY2016/17 as was indicated by your directive dated 3rd September 2015.