Madhvani Foundation Calls For Self Mastery Among The Youth

The Madhvani Foundation has called upon its beneficiaries and the Ugandan youth to give back to the community that has supported them achieve success through Self-Mastery.

Incoming Madhvani Foundation Alumni Committee

This was the theme discussed at the 6thMadhvani Foundation’s Annual Alumni General Meeting at Hotel Africana held over the weekend where the Alumni elected a new executive committee.


While addressing beneficiaries at the event, Hon. Henry Kyemba a Board Member of the Madhvani Foundation said, “There are plenty of opportunities available for the youth if they are determined to succeed. However, the opportunities available are very competitive something that the youth today take for granted.The Madhvani Foundation has provided a platform for the unprivileged through funding education but cannot be solely responsible for what happens after students graduate. The choice to succeed and go further in life is solely based on individuality.”


He continued, “The idea of the Foundation is that eligible students are chosen for the scholarship, then later expected to contribute to the Foundation to support the other students. But we cannot do this if we do not know how to make favorable personal choices that will ensure success.”



Hon Kyemba noted in 3rd world countries, there are increased levels of unemployment despite the vast knowledge and education available. He said, “The youth of today have all kinds of excuses as to why they are unemployed even with the evolving times of technology. Learn to utilize new avenues such as social media to acquire more knowledge and opportunities to create positive change in our communities.”



The Guest Speaker at the event Mr. Ambrose Kibuuka, also a professor and specialist in Human Performance Systems explained “We live in the era of demystification, a time where technology is at the fore front. Whatever the youth choose to do to move forward and to succeed should blend in with the new times which would involve embracing the use technology.”



“I am happy that Madhvani Foundation has not only stopped at giving the financial support for education but has also added value through the different training in human development conducted annually. What we need now is for the beneficiaries to manifest value from the opportunities that have been provided which can be done through the right clarity, competence, commitment, consistency, community and coaching. All you need is the thirst to reach greater heights.” said Professor Ambrose.


Martin Muganzi was unanimously elected as the new chairman 2015/2016 replacing Charles Katabi who completed his two year term. Martin promised to engage the committee to participate more in charity work a passion he identifies with and above all to move the scholarship serving committee forward during his one year term.




Other board members include Fred Ojiambo who is the new Vice Chairperson; Diana Nakawesi who is the New General Secretary, Mubarak Ssenyonjo as the vice secretary / publicity and Lina Anguparu who was re-elected as the treasurer.