Lady-Co-Driver Rahma Mohamed Wants To Inspire Other Women

Many people regard motor sport as a discipline for men but not with 26 year old Rahma Mohamed. She has been one of the co-drivers in Uganda motor rallying cycles.

Rahma Mohamed wants to win the national title

Rahma Mohamed wants to win the national title

She will be the only lady to be a navigator during the on-coming Pearl of Africa Uganda rally which starts on Friday with a super special stage in Zion estates Matugga.


By the look of her, you might not expect her to speak any local language, but to your, she is fluent in Luganda. Get to know more about her in this interview.


Who is Rahma?

My names are Rahma Mohammed, I am 26 years old and a graduate. I was born in the family of Mohammed Hilla.


How many are you in your family?

We are twelve children, ten boys and two girls. I’m the third last.


Where were you born?

I was born in Uganda, in Mengo hospital.

Rahma Mohamed in rally car

Rahma Mohamed in rally car

Can you talk about your education?

I went to St Anne day and boarding primary school, Kitebi SSS for O’level and for A level I went to St Kizito Secondary school. I graduated at Kyambogo University.


Currently what do you do?

I’m a decorator.


How and when did you join motorsport?

I joined in 2009 as a safety marshal.


Then when did you join co-driving?

In 2010


Who supported you when joining this sport?

Musa Nsubuga.


How and where did you get the passion for motorsport?

In 2009 during the CBS Sprint at Lubiri.


Where did you get the passion for the game?

I was inspired by Leila Mayanja.


Do you feel seating in a cockpit one day as a driver or you only want to be a co-driver?

Obviously; that’s my dream of becoming a rally driver.


While in rallying do you feel that inferior of being a lady in gents?


Rahma Mohamed during her time as a safety marshal

Rahma Mohamed during her time as a safety marshal

Whom do you prefer to drive with in Uganda?

John Consta the speed merchant.


How many times have you been in cockpit with John Consta and what has been your observation on his way of driving?

I have never been his co-driver but I always admire him.


Which was your hardest rally in life?

The day in 2012 when we got an accident in Masaka rally (UMOSPOC Independence challenge rally). Patrick Ssebambulide was the driver.


Do you regret joining the game of motorsport?


Rahma Mohamed during her time as a safety marshal

Rahma Mohamed during her time as a safety marshal

What have you gained from motorsport?

Publicity and making friends.


If not motorsport which other games do you enjoy both as a participant and as a fan?

Motor bikes and swimming.


Who else in your family does motorsport?



What have you done to inspire other ladies to join the game?

Am encouraging them to join the sport besides am tauter in motorsport as well as a navigator.


You always navigate for men why not ladies?

They are easier to approach.


Are you married or you just have kids?

Am engaged


With a child/children?



Is your fiancé comfortable with you seating in cockpit with men always?

Yes, he is.


Do you always travel with him during rallies or he is not a rally addict?

I do and he is.


Pearl of Africa Rally is here how ready are you for it and whom are going with?

Am more than ready and I will be with Gilberto Balondemu.


What is your dream goal is motorsport?

I want to become a champion (Uganda National Rally champion)


Do you have hopes to govern motorsport in Uganda?

If a chance comes yes.


What do you think FMU hasn’t done for game to develop?



How do you think they should improve publicity?

More effort is needed in publicity




Do you think there is hope for change or you see no sign of future changes?

I hope for change.


We heard you were in Oman for what reasons?

I had gone for my personal business.


When do you hope to quit active rallying or what do you think can force you out of rallying?



So you don’t hope to quit the game soon?

Not soon.