Kickass Torrent Site Owner Arrested


If you are a Kickass Torrent (KAT) regular like I am, then you my friend are out of luck. According to media reports, the popular torrent site is offline since after the Federal Bureau of Investigation apprehended the site’s alleged owner.

The world's largest file sharing engine, Kickass Torrents went live in 2008.

The world’s largest file sharing engine, Kickass Torrents went live in 2008.


Kickass Torrent is the world’s largest torrent site, owned by Ukrainian Artem Vaulin. The 38 year old was arrested by the U.S. Government on charges of criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. In addition, the seizure of various KAT domain names has been directed by a federal court in Chicago where KAT has a server.


Investigations reveal that Apple provided federal agents with Vaulin’s personal details after an iTunes purchase was cross referenced to an IP address used by KAT’s Facebook account. The feds posed as an advertiser and used bank account details to trace Vaulin.


Vaulin who allegedly “distributed $1 billion in pirated files” was arrested in Poland, awaiting extradition to the United States. In addition to a bank account, KAT’s .com and .tv domain names are expected to be seized anytime soon and has trouble loading at the moment.


Looks like someone will have to look elsewhere for free torrent files. Lime Torrents or Torrent Downloads, not the Pirate Bay fan.



Here is the list of some alternate free file-sharing websites:

1. Torrentz

2. Extra Torrent




6. Lime Torrent