Isaac Lugudde Ventures Into Real Estate

Ugandan representative at the concluded BBA The-Chase reality TV show, Isaac Lugudde has ventured into real estates here in Uganda.


Isaac let the cat out of the bag by sharing what he’s been upto of late since he is not so much on the social scene ever since he was evicted from the Big Brother House. Lugudde posted on Facebook saying;

I may not drive the most expensive cars, put on the finest gear, or pop bottles at every club, but I know for sure that I am contributing to the forward motion of society! Introducing the 6 month project of 4UApartments! I’m providing shelter n jobs! This is my baby! Every penny, shilling or rand, goes here! May 2014 is my opening! God willing!


Lugudde's unfinished apartments

Lugudde’s unfinished apartments


Although Lugudde didn’t happen to win BB8, the reality tv show created a platform for him to go places and get endorsements he never could have got if it wasn’t for Big Brother.


Isaac at work

Isaac at work

Besides winning the heart of the South African housemate Koketso, Lugudde was able to get signed to one of the best basketball teams in South Africa and has since settled in Johannesburg.




Real estate is an investment he has decided to do back home, create shelter and employment for fellow Ugandans.