Implementation of Creative Commons Initiatives in Uganda

Over the past two years, Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) has been working with CC Uganda Affiliates on promoting open access initiatives through use of Creative Commons (CC) Licences to promote access to creative and innovative works.creative commons 2



Last year, with support from the Open Society Foundations and Creative Commons International, CEHURD received support to support CC Affiliates in Uganda to finalise and launch CC Uganda licences. This launch was done on December 21, 2012.
Creative Commons initiatives are aimed at facilitating sharing of knowledge and creativity with the world. CC Affiliates in Uganda have developed tools that support and steward legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing of art, and innovation.



At the launch of the licences in December, 2012, CC Uganda Affiliates agreed to a strategy to map out strategic stakeholders/partners that would be helpful in advancing this cause, engage them in a discussion for potential to implement or promote use of the licences and hold a salon (an informal meeting) from which end users of the licences can be engaged in practical use of the licences.
On September, 09th 2013, with support from Creative Commons HQ, CC Uganda Affiliates met and mapped out stakeholders to engage in promoting use of the Licences. The meeting agreed to engage several stakeholders including research institutions, media houses, telecom houses, IT incubation hubs like outbox, ihub, Mobile Monday, photographers, artists, producers, the internet society of Uganda, students studying programming and software development, Lecturers involved in teaching software development, librarians, government agencies sharing and releasing publicly funded research, bloggers, twerps, more lawyers, film festivals, collecting societies among others.
Today the plan is to  bring together all of the above  stakeholders to discuss the potential for implementation and use of Creative Commons Licences to promote the culture of open sharing of creative and innovative works in Uganda.
The meeting happens to achive the following below;

a) Sharing the news of existence and importance of use of CC Uganda Licences with the Stake-holders invited
b) Presenting a key note to Create an Understanding for use of CC Uganda Licences as an alternative model to copyright in Uganda
c) Sharing experiences, advantages and opportunities of sharing innovative and Creative works Licensed under CC
d) Introduce an Open Mic session [ekimeza] where participants can share experiences and opportunities for use of the Uganda Licences.
It is hoped that the meeting will yield outcomes such as;

a) A meeting report with actionable steps for use of the CC Uganda licences among creative and innovative communities in Uganda.
b) A strategy for use of the Licences by creative and Innovative communities in Uganda
c) Have more members joining the CC community to support and push the cause for more open sharing of creative works.