Government Enlists Foreign PR Firms To Boost Uganda’s Tourism Industry


Today, President Yoweri Museveni will endorse the three Public Relations and Marketing firms that are to represent Uganda in the growing global travel market.


The firms PHG Consulting, Kamageo and KPRN represent, promote and seek tourism investment on behalf of Uganda in the markets of North America, UK and Ireland, and German speaking nations. The venture will cost the government of Uganda a total amount of US$ 1.5 million for a year.


These firms were chosen after an international competitive bidding process managed and funded by the World Bank through the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP), coordinated by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU). The five-year project comprises of four major components and is being implemented by seven agencies.


Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is one of the beneficiary Government Agencies that has received support from World Bank. Under CEDP, the tourism sector is being supported through product planning, packaging and promotion among other components. The project will support the Government of Uganda in promoting tourism products and services to our key source markets of North America (USA and Canada), UK and Ireland; and Germany speaking Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).


Under this arrangement, the Uganda Tourism Board is using part of this support to engage public relations and marketing firms to provide strategic marketing, sales representation, and public relations services in the above mentioned key source markets. The purpose is to popularize Uganda’s existing and new tourism products and services in order to increase their visibility and attract more tourists.


“According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism has the power to drive inclusive development, create jobs and build the sustainable societies we want for our future. Tourism builds mutual understanding and can help us safeguard our shared natural and cultural heritage,” says Dr. Maria Mutagamba the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.


The overall objective of the assignment is to leverage Uganda as a prime tourism travel destination. This is to be achieved by providing strategic marketing, sales representation and public relations services in North America (USA and Canada), UK and Ireland; and Germany speaking Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). This is to increase tourism arrivals and length of stay in the country and overall spend.


Uganda Tourism Board CEO Stephen Asiimwe says the firms work will directly impact on development and employment in Uganda.


In 2015, the direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was UGX2,982.1bn (3.7% of GDP). This is forecast to rise by 0.7% to UGX3,002.7bn in 2016,” says Asiimwe. He adds that this contribution reflects the economic activity generated by industries such as hotels, travel agents, airlines entertainment, leisure, and transportation services.


“Tourism generated 464,500 jobs directly in 2015 (3.1% of total employment), while in the wider context including effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income impacts, it generated 1,173,000 jobs (7.8% of total employment),” says Asiimwe.


The total contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP (including wider effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income impacts) was UGX7,270.5bn in 2015 (9.0% of GDP) and is expected to grow by 1.4% to UGX7,372.1bn (8.6% of GDP) in 2016.




Money spent by foreign visitors to a country (or visitor exports) is a key component of the direct contribution of Travel & Tourism. In 2015, Uganda generated UGX3,732.8bn in visitor exports.



Travel & Tourism is expected to have attracted capital investment of UGX1,089.5bn in 2015. This is expected torise by 7.6% in 2016, and rise by 7.6% per annum over the next ten years




Profile of the PR Firms


PHG Consulting is a uniquely positioned, ready-made global resource offering sales-centric representation and consultancy to the travel and hospitality industry around the world. On a private-label basis, PHG Consulting brings a competitive advantage by researching strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, and then uses the results to develop and implement an integrated strategic plan to drive international arrivals and overall spend.


Kamageo is a dynamic and vibrant tourism marketing company, dedicated to increasing tourism to African destinations – either to individual countries or to specific regions. Kamageo burst on to the scene in 2012, when two of the UK’s best Africa marketing agencies – Kamili and Geo Group -combined to offer an even more extensive and effective service. Both have delivered great results over the past decade and Kamageo is now replicating that success.Combining outstanding strategic and creative capabilities with a successful track record for destination marketing, partners of Kamageo are ensured of the perfect blend of marketing and tourism expertise.


KPRN network is one of the leading communication and PR agencies for the travel industry in Germany. Founded by Hanna Kleber in 1994, KPRN today belongs to the top ten tourism PR agencies in Germany, with their head office located in the heart of Frankfurt – Germany’s capital of the tourism industry.


In 2009 KPRN opened a second office in the German capital Berlin in order to maintain strong contacts to the media, and political/economic business partners as well as to the embassies situated in the capital.KPRN offers tailor-made communication solutions resulting in the successful implementation of marketing goals in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Their main focus lies on smart PR, dynamic marketing strategies and image campaigns that accentuate the unique selling propositions of the products.