Facebook Hashtags Don't Work


Facebook introduced hashtags few months ago and it seems like it has failed to yield what it was thought to do.


After studying the number of facebookers using these hashtags, i have realised there is no engagement on them.


The main use of hashtags as learnt from Twitter was provide users a way to group messages of similar content in one place, but with Facebook’s introduction of them the perform is considered as well as nothing because brands are not yet finding brand posts by their tags.


According to Business News Daily report, there was a study that showed that visual content was by far the primary driver for engagement on Facebook. These include pictures posted, likes, comments, shares and videos plus pre posts.
It is also noticed that longer status updates get less engagement than a status update which is short. Though short doesn’t capture viewers attention or provide necessary context to drive a brand’s number of likes, shares and comments for a company.
Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of the firm Simply Measured says ;
“For most brands, Facebook is no longer just a network; it has become the hub of their social marketing efforts and one of the most effective ways to engage with fans,”