Ehmah Napoleone: The Future Of Comedy Is Extremely Bright

We caught up with Ehmah Napoleone,  a comedian and Director at NTV Mic Check  and  Laftaz Comedy Lounge to disclose to us his rise to stardom,being part of the comedy revolution in Uganda and what he is passionate about. He spoke to UGO Uganda’s @Deecesca.


Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living Emmanuel?

Majorly,  I do Standup Comedy and earn a living through the derivatives from my exposure.


Why change you’re name from Prince Ehmah to Ehmah Napoleone.?

Originally I was nicknamed Napoleone by my History teacher in High School. He claimed I had the character of the French emperor and I used that name in my first play at school. When the name Prince Ehmah got so screwed in the media, I wanted to create a new identity, Napoleone was that name I could adopt straight away.


Ehmah Napoleone

Ehmah Napoleone


Most people cite that Ugandan Comedians are over repeating the jokes. What’s your say on this?

Majority of those people never attend the live shows. Honestly do you think that the people who attend comedy shows every week would be attending if the comedians told the exact jokes from the previous show?


Do you think there’s a big future for comedy in Uganda?

A very big one. Ugandan comedy hasn’t even started my friend. The future is extremely bright, no wonder comedians nowadays wear dark shades, to cut off some brightness.


How have people at home reacted to your success nationally?

Shaaa, Iteso don’t give a damn. When you go home you are just local like them. The last time I went home my uncle gave me a jerrycan and a bicycle and told me to go fetch water from a borehole.


What are your goals as far as doing stand up in Uganda or Africa?

By the way I think I have achieved many of the goals…like contributing towards building the first home of Comedy in Uganda, i.e Laftaz Comedy Lounge, identifying and training young comedians, Starting a business using my comedy finances and fame…all I want now is to conquer the international stage and be rated ‘The Greatest’


Most vivid childhood memory?

Many, very many…some painful (most), some sweet.

My early years on the streets as a street kid have never left my memory though…always a constant reminder of how harsh life can be if one does not fight to put themselves in privileged positions.


Favourite  animation movie?

For some reason I am not a fan of animations. If Animal Farm is an animation, then that’s my favourite.


The last dream you remember?

Last night…I dreamt that Kizza Besigye won a presidential election but installed me as the president, saying he didn’t really want to rule Uganda, but to put the country  in good hands.


Are you living the life you wanted?

Almost Yes, just a few things and a few years left and I will be living the dream life. However even now, I am doing alright.


What do you believe in?

The existence of the Almighty God, I believe in hope; that hope can keep one going in the hardest of times, and I also believe in dreams; that you can be anything you want to be if you keep dreaming and keep pushing towards it.


If you could fly to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

France, I want to visit the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte and see where this great being was laid to rest.


If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be?

Kanye West.  Just to wake up with Kim Kardashian in the morning and tell her to bend…..and  polish my shoes.


What will tomorrow bring?

The results of my dreams.


As a child, what was your dream job?

To become President. I wanted to be president of the whole world and have the world at my feet.


How and when did you get into comedy?

Professional comedy, I joined in 2009, through Daniel Omara who convinced me to join him and Patrick Idringi and start up The Crackers.


On a lighter note, what is the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had while on stage?

I cracked a joke the previous comedian had cracked. People just looked at me with wide eyes. I stopped using jokes forwarded to my email or whatsapp.
As a TV Personality, your appearance at public events is usually something a lot of people take note of. How would you describe your fashion style and how have you been able to cope with the spotlight?

Hahaha, having had my earliest ‘shaping’ on the streets, I always call myself a ghetto kid who doesn’t really pay attention to fashion hullabaloo  so long as I believe am dressed and well.


Would you call yourself a role model?

I never used to, until two years ago when I started training comedians and they said they looked up to me.


UGO Spot-On Questions
What is your typical day like?

I wake up in the morning, go check on my bar (called Napoleone’z Bar in Kireka, Namugongo Road), then get on social media to catch up before settling to compose jokes and other literature.


Best joke you heard recently 

That since President Museveni gave the Kabaka a new fuel guzzling car, the Katikiro will soon start collecting  ‘Effuta.’


What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a person/partner?

I cant pick one. I do very romantic things the moment a nice lady comes close to me.
What do you love most about Uganda?

I love that Ugandans are very humorous people who can turn anything into a joke.


What do you hate most about Uganda?

We are very quick to heap praise on anything foreign while deriding our own.


What would you change about yourself?

Nothing, I think am good enough everywhere.


Which animal in the world would you want to be like?

A lion definitely. I have a big ego and I would definitely want to be King of the Jungle.


If you were to meet God, what would you ask him?

To kill Satan, so that sin is eliminated from life and no one goes to hell. If the sun is this hot in dry season, how about hell?


Are you married?

No, am not…but I am a dad to a beautiful young girl.


If so, what is the one important thing you look for in a woman/wife?

Only one thing? No way, I look for very many….seductively beautiful, articulate, intelligent, loyal, honest, obedient, and have some money.


What makes you happy?

Fame, Money and Power, then sex.


What is the Ugandan character in your opinion?

Laizes faire, we just don’t care .


Watch Ehmah Napoleone in action

What do women don’t know about men?

Men are dying to have brief dates with their wives’ cute friends.


What would you like to be written on your tombstone?

“This one did not die, God just airlifted him to heaven.”


Beer or Whiskey?

None, I don’t booze.




What do you do with your change/coins?

I keep them in my car and give them to Askaris to watch over my car when I have packed in public places.


Where do you want to be in 10 years?

In Uganda, chilling in my country home, reading about my greatness in papers, and seeing documentaries about me on TV.


Who is the biggest influence in your life?

Napoleone Bonaparte and Whitney Houston (her music)


What’s your favorite story from your work life?

My work life is already a story and because it pays me, it’s my favourite already.


Have you ever been threatened by a person because of your work?

Yes, once I cracked a joke about the government and some chap came threatening to have me taken to a Safe House. I told him that I shot the first arrow that chased Kony rebels from Soroti during my tenure as an ‘Arrow Boy’…the chap left me alone.


Any advice to those who look up to you?

I was where you are just a few years ago. Study how I did what brought me this far, polish it and you will be looked upto.


What’s your favorite place to eat?

Home, as in Soroti.


Women or cars?

Both.I need a car to take the woman home in comfort…and then more cars.


Tell us something people dont know about you.

My years on the streets still haunt me a lot and hence am reserved and quite shy, staying away from Public places unless am performing.


When was the last time you cried?

May 2014. Arsenal came from two goals down to beat Hull City and win the first trophy in nine years. I shed tears of joy.


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