Bulambuli District Receives Ambulance And Medical Supplies From Airtel

Dr Dan Midyero of Bulambuli Health Centre thanks Airtel Uganda for the donations given.


Airtel Uganda, through their ‘Together We Can’ initiative, recently gave Bulambuli district a health boost when they renovated a private health facility and equipped it with essential medical supplies and equipment.


Located in Eastern Uganda, Bulambuli health center is the only health facility located on the mountain top in the upper Bulambuli district. Since it was opened, it has been offering free health services such as family planning, HIV testing, counseling and many others.


“We have been facing difficulty in treating people because we do not have adequate medication and cannot afford to offer free treatment all the time,” commented Dr. Dan Midyero, a clinical medical officer and founder of the health center.


“One of the biggest challenges is the fact that the residents face difficulty in accessing the health center given our remote location up on the mountain,” Midyero added.


Airtel Uganda, along with its staff members, offered to assist Dr. Midyero and have been able to renovate the health center as well as donate drug storage sideboards, microscopes, consultation tables, drip stands and clinical beds. The telecommunications’ company also handed over a bike ambulance to transport the critical patients, solar kit to provide lighting at night as well as assorted drugs and medical equipment.


Speaking at the handover of the equipment, Airtel Uganda Territory Business Manager Nathan Balinda said, “It has always been and will continue to be an honor for us to directly impact the lives of the Ugandans in the different communities we operate.”


“I would like to recognize the works and efforts of Dr. Midyero and his team in trying to help the disadvantaged by putting up this health center,” he added.




Together We Can is a 52-part TV show that explores a range of issues currently facing many Ugandans, including poverty, health, education and selfless service. Each story that is being showcased on the series ends with the ultimate celebration of these Ugandan heroes when Airtel awards them with prizes that enable them to fulfill their dreams of helping others.