Bebe Cool In Exclusive Support Of Denzel & LK4

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool


If anybody is upto seeing Ugandan representatives in the Big Brother house bring the money back home, then, it’s none other than Big Size.


BBA the chaseOver the weekend, Gagamel Boss, Bebe Cool and his crew organised a meeting to discuss how to Denzel and LK4 that are representing Uganda in the BBA-The Chase show.


Bebe Cool posted this on his facebook page;

“All Gagamel Family memebers please attend the meeting tomorrow. Agenda 1- John, 2- How best can we support the two Big Brother Ugandan housemates, Lugudde and Denzel. Time to show that team Gagamel family baddest pan cyber. Support Big Brother representatives Denzel and Isaac Lugudde…..”


With Gagamel input (Not yet sure what strategy they came up with) to vote for the two housemates, it’s for sure that Ugandans are bring the money back home.