BBA8: LK4- I Am No Longer A Player

Last evening during the diary session, Ugandan baller LK4 confessed to be Biggie that he is no longer a player.

lk4 and koketso


LK4 who has been in a love ‘rectangle’ with Beverly, Feza and Koketso has made up his mind to only have eyes for South Africa’s belle, Koketso.


 “She makes me see money is not everything,” and “She might be my 300 million”, LK4 confessed to Biggie.


This confession comes after he confined in Hakeem last week that, “Don’t let this romance confuse you. I am here to get this paper” implying that he was using his relationship with Koketso as a strategy to win the 300,000 USD.



LK4 also revealed that he felt jealousy yesterday when some housemates picked Koketso from the ‘Crush Wall’.



After his diary session, LK4 joined his lover Koketso in the bedroom where they spent time alone, praying hand in hand. Hope God answers their prayers as the two are up for eviction this Sunday.





Source: Uganda Picks

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