Bail-out Tycoons Buy Off All Bebe Cool’s Shs5Million Tickets

When city businessmen came out recently and requested government to bail them out of their debts, many a person thought they are broke. But surprisingly, majority of the people who booked the VVIP tables for Bebe Cool’s upcoming concert are part of those seeking bail-outs.

Dr Sudhir Rupaleria can't miss Life of Bebe Cool

Dr Sudhir Rupaleria can’t miss Life of Bebe Cool

Each VVIP table goes for Shs5millon.


“Let me have this opportunity to announce that all VVIP tables are DONE. Thanks to u all who acquired on time,” Bebe Cool revealed Thursday.


Among those who have bought themselves VVIP tickets to the show include tycoons like; Sudhir Ruparelia who has bought two tables; for himself and Crane Bank.


The others are; Patrick Bitature, Gordon Wavamuno, Godfrey Kirumira among others. It ought to be remembered that one of those on the bail-out list, Ham real name Hamis Kiggundu came out this week and said that the tycoons seeking bail-outs are not broke but are rather doing it for the good of the tax payer.


On whether the businessmen messed up their loans to sustain their extravagant lifestyles, Ham said that “that is different. Do you expect a person owning a business worth $200millions to drive a premio? ……..But as individuals (bail out tycoons, we are okay….it is not that we are badly off.”